Resilient 305

This Resilient305 Strategy is a living document created to address resilience challenges we prioritized through intergovernmental and community collaboration. Throughout the process – in public meetings, surveys and focus groups - GM&B engaged thousands of stakeholders to help shape the Strategy and make sure it reflected the input from a wide range of expertise, ages, ethnicities, cultures, income levels and geographic areas. This continued interaction will be key to the successful implementation of the Strategy.

As our community continues to grow and evolve, the Resilient305 Strategy will encourage us to work together to better prepare for an increasing occurrence of shocks, such as hurricanes, and infrastructure failures, as well as better mitigate stresses, such as sea level rise and sunny day flooding, crippling traffic and severe economic inequities. Even during the planning process, our resilience was tested by the Zika outbreak and Hurricane Irma. We are stronger because of our experiences and have incorporated many of the lessons learned into this document.

We recognize that even our passion and dedication doesn’t prevent some of our most vulnerable from falling through the cracks. We hope that the Resilient305 Strategy will serve as a foundation in building a strong network focused on addressing equity gaps and elevating our vulnerable populations. We believe that together we have an opportunity to work differently and more effectively by promoting stronger leadership, closer collaboration, and better use of our resources.

View or download the full Resilient305 report below:


Download sections of the Resilient305 report below:

Table of Contents

Letters of Support

Executive Summary

Our Story

Goal 1 - Places

Goal 2 - People

Goal 3 - Pathways



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