Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment

The City is developing a Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Plan funded by the State Resilient Florida grant program. Through this initiative, the city will provide the community with opportunities to share their experiences with flood risk in their neighborhoods, how this risk affects them, and how the city can approach flood mitigation and sea level rise adaptation to best serve the community’s needs.

The Vulnerability Assessment will analyze the impact of sea level rise and compound flooding on the city. This includes how flooding from a combination of factors including sea level rise, groundwater, and storm surge may impact the city’s critical community facilities, infrastructure, and neighborhoods. This analysis will provide a comprehensive, detailed view of the city’s flood risk to assets and infrastructure required to compete for additional Resilient Florida grant funding.

Our residents and businesses are critical to assessing flood risk in the city. Thus, we are engaging the community through focus groups and workshops throughout 2023 and 2024. Small community focus groups were held in June of 2023 to record resident and business experiences with flooding. Three pop-up workshops will be held at events across Miami Beach in October and November 2023.

The Assessment will be a valuable tool as the city plans for adaptation strategies that will enhance resilience to sea level rise and coastal flooding. This work is being developed in coordination with the Stormwater Modelling and Master Plan Update being developed by the Public Works Department.

We are integrating existing policies, plans, and strategies to ensure cohesion with other initiatives. These include the Vulnerability Assessment (2017), Jacobs Neighborhood

Prioritization Plan, Blue Green Infrastructure Concept Plan and Road Elevation (2020), and the Buoyant City Study (2020) in addition to other relevant sources.

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