Strategic Plan

Resilience is defined as the ability to rebound after change or adversity.  In order to be resilient, a community needs to have a plan in place to reduce risk to natural and man-made disasters; and to prepare, respond and recover from difficult conditions. Miami Beach is particularly vulnerable to challenging environmental conditions, such as flooding, sea level rise, erosion and storm events, due to its low-lying topography and geographic location. The city recognizes this vulnerability and has made major strides in developing initiatives related to resilience including climate change adaptation initiatives. These efforts have primarily been piecemeal and have not been formally linked to a larger strategy or a long-term vision.

In the 21st Century, it is financially and socially imperative for cities to operate differently. Miami Beach is also reinventing its strategic goals and objectives through the lens of resilience under the resilience theme of Miami Beach Rising Above. Rather than having separate strategic and resilience plans, one comprehensive strategy will focus on the city’s needs in both near-term and long-term time horizons. The city can build resilience more effectively by having an integrated approach to aligning strategic priorities, resources, and services. Miami Beach’s Strategic Plan through the Lens of Resilience will be released in the summer of 2019.  The strategic plan is one of the tools that will help propel the city in a holistic and integrated direction.

The Strategic Plan will be broken  into topics known as Visions which will outline the goals, objectives, featured actions, while incorporating elements from Resilient305.

  • Prosperity
  • Neighborhoods
  • Environment and Infrastructure
  • Mobility
  • Organizational Innovation
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