Fleet Assessment

The Environment & Sustainability Department together with the Fleet Department conducted a fleet assessment with the goal of improving the efficiency of the city’s fleet and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The fleet assessment is part of an overall effort by the city to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Data was collected through the automatic vehicle locator (AVL) for each vehicle; departments were then presented with the analysis of their fleet during individual meetings. Recommendations were developed together with each staff department and provided based on their operational needs. Some recommendations up for consideration included: Vehicle pool program, bicycle program, electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid vehicles and potential Uber/Lyft Business accounts.

While the EVs and/or hybrids available in today’s market do not meet all of the needs of our departments’ operations, many departments have expressed interest in purchasing a hybrid or EV in the upcoming fiscal years. The Parking Department will be purchasing the first EV in the city’s fleet. With evolving technology, we will also be looking at electric trucks and SUVs coming to market. In the meantime, we are working closely with each department to identify opportunities to increase the efficiency of our fleet. Check back soon for more updates.

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