Fleet Assessment

The Environment & Sustainability Department together with the Fleet Department conducted a fleet assessment with the goal of improving the efficiency of the city’s fleet and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The fleet assessment is part of an overall effort by the city to mitigate the effects of climate change. For more information about the fleet assessment, see below.

Fleet Assessment

In addition, the City contracted Matrix Consulting Group to conduct a comprehensive vehicle utilization and right-sizing study. The study identified 18 vehicles that could be eliminate, presenting savings in avoided replacement costs and annual maintenance and repairs without undue negative impacts to City operations. For more information about the study, see below.

Matrix Consulting Group Vehicle Utilization Study

Moving forward, hybrids will be considered when replacing gasoline vehicles. Transitioning gasoline vehicles to hybrids, when feasible, could reduce the City's total gasoline consumption by up to 18% annually. To learn more about the City's vehicle replacement policy, see below.

LTC 316-2019 Hybrid Electric Vehicle Policy

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Fleet Department
Parking Department


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