Sustainable and Resilient Procurement

Sustainable and Resilient Procurement Policy

Green procurement is one of the ten priority program areas within the City of Miami Beach Sustainability Plan. The goal of this program area is to increase the use of non-hazardous and environmentally friendly products in government maintenance, operations, permitted concessionaires/vendors and special events, as well as promote the decreased use of hazardous, toxic, and/or non-recyclable goods community-wide.

As part of the City of Miami Beach Rising Above Resiliency Strategy, the Sustainable and Resilient Procurement Policy will further institutionalize procurement approaches in a balanced sustainable manner and will assist the City in bouncing back from shocks and stressors in the face of climate change. Through this Policy, the City will be able to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to combat climate change; decrease the use of hazardous materials to improve community and environmental health; and decrease waste and inefficiencies in electricity, fuel, paper, water and other consumption to relieve pressure on natural resources.


Business Case Analysis

The Business Case Analysis is an economic analysis to understand the return on investment of the City of Miami Beach stormwater program.  While reports have been published noting the South Florida risk to sea level rise, analysis to assess the benefits of adaptation is new.  The goal of this project is to understand the relationship between how we are reducing risk to flooding and sea level rise with the City’s property tax base, flood insurance, real estate market and financial mortgage cycles, City credit ratings, land use issues, or any other factors.  As a ‘first of a kind’ project, it will include risk analysis, stormwater modeling, private property adaptation approaches, localized property value analysis, and communications.  The project is being led by ICF Incorporated, LLC, has assembled a multidisciplinary team, including AIR Worldwide, Brizaga, Kimley Horn and Florida Atlantic University.

Business Case Final Presentation FINAL

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