Adaptation Action Areas

An Adaptation Action Area is known as a designation in the coastal management element of a local government’s comprehensive plan which identifies one or more areas that experience coastal flooding due to extreme high tides and storm surge, and that are vulnerable to the related impacts of rising sea levels for the purpose of prioritizing funding for infrastructure needs and adaptation planning.

Impacts of Rising Sea Levels

Communities that are subject to sea level rise may experience an increase in coastal vulnerability. Impacts to communities may include:

  • Increased flooding and drainage problems
  • Destruction of natural resources habitats
  • Higher storm surge, increased evacuation areas and evacuation time frames
  • Increased shorelines erosion
  • Saltwater intrusion
  • Loss of infrastructure and existing development

Adaptation Planning Strategies
Adaptation to sea level rise is the steps a community takes to become more resilient to the impacts of rising seas over a period of time. Miami Beach has taken measures that include implementing upgrades and actions that have been outlined within the city’s Stormwater Management Master Plan. This plan is the city’s blueprint for upgrading its existing stormwater infrastructure to reduce flooding and reduce pollutant load discharged to Biscayne Bay.

Comprehensive Plan – Peril of Flood
2016-4027 Ordinance

In 2015, the Florida Legislature adopted Senate Bill 1094, entitled ” Peril of Flood”, which requires the Coastal Management elements of local government Comprehensive Plans to include regulations related to the mitigation and reduction of flood risks in coastal areas. Additionally, in 2011 the Florida Legislature passed the Community Planning Act (CPA), which amended Section 163.3177, Florida Statutes, which allows local governments the option of planning for coastal hazards and the potential impacts of sea level rise within the Comprehensive Plan. This provided local governments with the option of designating Adaptation Action Areas ( AAA). The designation is for areas that experience coastal flooding and that are vulnerable to the related impacts of rising sea levels, with the purpose of prioritizing funding for infrastructure and adaptation planning. In order to improve the city’ s ability to mitigate the impacts of sea level rise and comply with Senate Bill 1094, the proposed amendment would affect future land use, infrastructure, conservation/coastal zone management , and intergovernmental coordination.



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