Sanitary Sewer

The sanitary sewer is a system of underground pipes that carry sewage from kitchens, sinks, bathroom, and other plumbing components to a wastewater treatment plant where it is filtered, treated, and discharged. In Miami Beach, our sanitary sewer system carries our wastewater away from Miami Beach to the Virginia Key Wastewater Treatment Plant, where the County oversees its treatment. However, the City owns and maintains the sanitary sewer system components within our jurisdiction to ensure it is operating properly.

One challenge common to sanitary sewer systems is inflow and infiltration, or I&I. I&I occurs when the pipes crack, and they allow wastewater to flow out or groundwater to flow in. In Miami Beach, our high groundwater table means we are more likely to experience water coming into the pipes because the groundwater around the pipe puts pressure into the system.  The City works diligently to identify cracks and prevent I&I, thereby reducing the costs associated with unnecessarily treating groundwater. This Sewer System Evaluation Survey (SSES) is also important for reducing the potential of wastewater leaks and protecting our local water quality.

The City of Miami Beach regularly inspects its sanitary sewer system to limit the amount of inflow and infiltration within the system. The most recent Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey was completed in November 2022 and the results can we viewed by clicking the link below.

SSES Report 2022

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