Phase II: Design and Construction

PPA Phase II: Design and Construction

After property owners have received their Phase I Assessment Reports and completed the first phase of the program, they are ready to move into Phase II: Design and Construction. During this phase of the program, property owners identify, hire, and work with contractors to complete the flood risk mitigation projects that will make their properties more resilient. 

By completing the processes and adhering to the requirements outlined in this document and in the Phase II Grant Agreement, owners can take steps to ensure they will maintain their funding eligibility through the PPA program and receive reimbursement when their projects are completed. 



20230815 PPA Phase II Process Overview


Project Reporting

After the grant agreement has been signed by both the participant and the City, participants should work to get their permits issued so construction work can commence. The City requires that participants provide regular status updates on their projects until they are completed. These reports must describe the progress of the project since the previous update. They also must include photos of work conducted, any changes in timelines and/or budget, and notes on any issues encountered. Depending on the duration of the project, these reports are due monthly on the 15th of each month or quarterly on the periods noted below: 

At the end of the project, a final report is due with the reimbursement request. Additional information is provided under the “Reimbursement” section of this page. 


Funding and Reimbursement

Once a project is completed, the property owner submits a reimbursement request to the city. This final reimbursement request must include: 

  • Project Completion Report 
  • Proof of passed inspections and closed permits 
  • Photo documentation of work completed 
  • Proof of final payments on invoices to design professionals and contractors 

The city reviews the reimbursement requests and either a) returns the request to the participant if additional information is required or if remedies must be made or b) notifies the participant they will be receiving a check in the mail from the city within 45 days of the accepted request being submitted. 

Phase II Details

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