Phase II: Design and Construction

PPA Phase II: Design and Construction

After participating property owners have received their Phase I Assessment Reports and completed Phase I of the PPA Program, they are ready to move into Phase II: Design and Construction. During Phase II, participants identify, hire, and work with contractors to complete the flood risk mitigation projects that will make their properties more resilient. These projects can be pulled from the flood risk mitigation alternatives specified within their Phase I Reports or from a list of other flood risk mitigation strategies provided by the City, which include green roofs, permeable pavers, seawall enhancements, and rain gardens among other strategies.

By completing the processes and adhering to the requirements specified within the Phase II Grant Agreement, owners can take steps to ensure they will maintain their funding eligibility through the PPA program and receive reimbursement when their projects are completed.

Phase II Details

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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