What kind of property is eligible to apply to the Private Property Adaptation (PPA) Program? 

Both residential (single and multi-family homes) and commercial property owners are eligible to apply.  


What are the two phases of the PPA Program?

Our PPA Program is a two-phase process:  

  1. Assessment: If your application is selected, part of your grant funding will go towards a consultant who will assess your property's flood risk and provide a report with recommendations as to what kind of improvements can mitigate flood risk, in addition to providing estimated costs.
  2. Design & Construction: In this stage, you select one of the recommendations provided in the Assessment phase and plan the design and construction of the approved improvement. The property owner will cover all costs and submit for reimbursement once the full project scope is completed. This stage is still under development and will be further refined. 


How much funding can I get through this reimbursement program? Will you fund my entire project? 

The City will reimburse 50% of total program costs up to a maximum of $20,000. For example, if your total program cost is $5,000, we will supply a grant of $2,500. Costs over $40,000 will be given a maximum of $20,000 in reimbursement. Low-to-Moderate Income property owners will not be required to submit a match – we will fund the project up to $20,000.


Who qualifies as a Low-to-Moderate Income property owner? 

We define Low-to-Moderate Income as up to 140% Area Median Income (AMI). Income limits are determined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) revision dated April 2022. This varies for single-family and multi-family.

Single Family: Income limits depend on household size. See the table below.


Multi-Family: The rent limit of a qualifying one-bedroom unit is $2,374 per month. In order to qualify as an LMI property, more than half (50%) of the units must charge rent that is equal to or less than the limits set in the table below.


If you qualify as a non-profit or affordable housing provider, you only need to provide a copy of your Miami-Dade County tax exemption form.

I only live in Miami Beach part-time. Am I still eligible to apply for funding?

Yes! Please indicate your “seasonal” residential status in Miami Beach on your PPA application under the “Basic Information” section. Be sure to indicate your Applicant Address if it is different than your Property Address. 


What documentation do I need for my application? 

This varies per applicant. All Applicants must provide proof of ID, Elevation Certificate, and proof of Flood Insurance. However, depending on the property, you may also submit a Historic Designation, images and documentation of flood damage, or a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) certificate. Other potential documents may include a Corporate Resolution by Condo Association Authorizing Application Submission or a Proof of Incorporation and in Good Standing.


I don’t have flood insurance. Can I still apply? 

No, proof of an active flood insurance policy is required to apply for the PPA program. As a coastal barrier island, 97% of properties in the City of Miami Beach are located within or near a High-Risk Flood Zone Area (Special Flood Hazard Areas - “SFHA”), as mapped by FEMA. The flood zone requires flood insurance coverage for any building with a federally backed mortgage and is encouraged for all properties on Miami Beach.

See if you reside in a Special Flood Hazard area here or call the Miami-Dade County Flood Zone Hot Line at 305.372.6466.  


I still have questions. Whom can I speak with to find out more about applying for the PPA? 

Don’t hesitate to contact us via email at MBRisingAbove@miamibeachfl.gov for further clarification and questions. You may also reach us by phone at 305.673.7000. We look forward to responding to your inquiries in a timely manner and making Miami Beach more resilient. 


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