Energy Conservation


In Miami Beach, the largest source of emissions comes from electricity; which produces between 60%-70% of all emissions community wide each year! Energy conservation is the practice of reducing your energy use in order to decrease your carbon footprint and lower your bills. Using less electricity produced from fossil fuels means that less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases will be released into the atmosphere. That’s why it’s so important that we focus on how much energy we use each day.

Everyone can conserve energy and build more energy-efficient habits very easily. You can make a difference by taking the pledge to reduce your energy consumption by committing to some simple switches around your home.

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Read the city’s action plans that outline projects and initiatives specifically tailored to Miami Beach’s strengths and vulnerabilities.

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Plastic Free
Miami Beach

It takes over 100 years for plastic to disintegrate. Learn why and how we're combating single-use plastic.

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Miami Beach is strengthening its ability to adjust to different and fluctuating conditions

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The innovative studies focus on and gather in depth information about Miami Beach's efforts to remain resilient.

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Learn about city's efforts to maintain and protect the pristine conditions of our waterways.

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