Plastic Substitutes


Not all plastic alternatives are created equal.

It’s important to note that substitutes for single-use plastics should be carefully chosen. We suggest first opting for reusable products, prior to moving to single-use materials. Substitutes should be made of non-plastic materials such as paper, sugar cane, bamboo, or other similar materials. Remember: the straw/stirrer ordinance does not allow for biodegradable or compostable plastics as substitutes.

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Read the city’s action plans that outline projects and initiatives specifically tailored to Miami Beach’s strengths and vulnerabilities.

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Plastic Free
Miami Beach

It takes over 100 years for plastic to disintegrate. Learn why and how we're combating single-use plastic.

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Aspen Ideas

A multi-day event to collaborate on addressing our collective future around the realities of a changing climate.

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The innovative studies focus on and gather in depth information about Miami Beach's efforts to remain resilient.

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Learn about city's efforts to maintain and protect the pristine conditions of our waterways.

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