What is the scope of the project?
The Flamingo Park / Collins Park Resiliency Assessment study is intended to determine the elevation and foundation types for a cross-section of building typologies within the study areas.


Will the study be expanded to include all properties in Flamingo Park, and Collins Park?

The boundaries were identified to include areas of the city that represented a sample size of building typologies found in the city and may not extend to cover the entire neighborhood boundary.


When Can I Receive the FEMA Elevation Certificate?

Once the project is completed the Elevation Certificate will be mailed to the property owner of record.


Does every Property Get an Elevation Certificate?

Because the assessment team needs access to the property to obtain information included in the Elevation Certificate, only those participating in the study will receive the certificates.


What if I deny access to the property?

We encourage all properties identified in the study area to participate in the study, however, if a property owner does not wish to be included, the city will not assess the property.  Property owners not wishing to participate are asked to email the city at: Resiliencyassessment@miamibeachfl.gov to opt-out of the study.


What if the survey team was not able to access my property? 

There will be a secondary attempt to access properties at a later date.  The property owner will be contacted prior to the second visit to facilitate scheduling.  Property owners may also email us with possible dates and we will do our best to coordinate a second visit.


What if I missed my second attempt?
We will advise if a third attempt will be possible.


How long will the study last?

We expect that the assessment will take approximately two months to complete.


Will the Study be expanded to other areas of the City? 

At this time only two areas have been identified for the assessment.  Expansion of the assessment areas may be considered in the future.


Who can I contact for additional information?

Contact us via email at: Resiliencyassessment@miamibeachfl.gov. We check the inbox several times per day and respond within 24 hours.

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