Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are diverse underwater ecosystems composed of skeletons of coral and marine invertebrate animals. Florida coral reefs consist of a wide variety of clinging, digging, swimming, and scuttling invertebrates like sea sponges, anemones, sea fans and brain corals. The three main types of coral reefs found around the world are atolls, fringing reefs, and barrier reefs. Coral reefs house over tens of thousands of marine species. These marine habitats make up less than 1 percent of the ocean floor; however, provide more than 25 percent of marine life.

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Read the city’s action plans that outline projects and initiatives specifically tailored to Miami Beach’s strengths and vulnerabilities.

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Plastic Free
Miami Beach

It takes over 100 years for plastic to disintegrate. Learn why and how we're combating single-use plastic.

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Miami Beach is strengthening its ability to adjust to different and fluctuating conditions

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The innovative studies focus on and gather in depth information about Miami Beach's efforts to remain resilient.

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Learn about city's efforts to maintain and protect the pristine conditions of our waterways.

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