Recycling Requirements

Recycling is the law in Miami Beach!

On July 2014, recycling became the law in Miami Beach for residences and businesses. Since the adoption of this ordinance, the city has since been conducting extensive outreach and education to inform residents, property owners and businesses of these requirements. Take a look below to learn about recycling Requirements Based On Property Type

Recycling for Single-Family Homes

Single-family home owners are automatically enrolled in the city’s single-stream recycling service with a scheduled pick up on Wednesdays. Those on city service are given blue totes through Miami-Dade County. The totes are serviced by World Waste Services.

Recycling for Multi-Family Residences with Two to Eight Units

Properties with two to eight units have the option of obtaining a single-stream recycling service with the city, contract a licensed recycling hauler, or utilize one of the franchise waste haulers permitted to operate in the city.

Recycling for Multi-Family Residences with Nine or More Units

Properties with nine units or more are required to contract with a licensed recycling hauler or utilize one of the franchise waste haulers permitted to operate in the city.

Single Stream Recycling

Single-stream recycling is the process by which certain recyclable materials are mixed together instead of being sorted into separate recycling containers in the collection process. This recycling process has been found to the more convenient that the traditional sorting process and has been found to lead to higher recycling rates. It also helps in reducing costs for waste haulers since all recycling waste can be placed in a single truck.

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