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Rising Above Meeting (004)

Evaluating blue-green infrastructure (BGI)

Rising Above Meeting


In April 2019, the City of Miami Beach contracted Jacobs Engineering in a three-task workorder. The first task focused on evaluating blue-green infrastructure (BGI) to advance a more holistic living with water approach.

As part of the City’s Resilience Conversation Series, on September 17, 2019 Jacobs Engineering engaged with the public to present BGI possibilities applicable to the City of Miami Beach.

The presentation illustrated how BGI enhances urban resilience by implementing blue (water) and green (plant-based) elements that help mitigate flooding, as well as:

  • depicted how such methods deliver enjoyable recreational and social spaces;
  • provided various renderings of BGI concepts designed for Miami Beach;
  • offered a forum to facilitate community feedback.

Stay tuned for future public meetings to discuss tasks 2-3 of the workorder.

View or download the meeting presentation below:

Jacobs Engineering Presents Blue-Green Infrastructure CMB

View or download the BGI renderings:


View or download topic Q&A:


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