Bike Paths

Green Bicycle Lanes

The Transportation Department has pursued the implementation of green bicycle lanes as part of a growing bicycle network. There have been seven projects completed totaling 31,000 linear feet for bike lanes on both sides of the road in the following neighborhoods:

  • Alton Road, from  South Pointe  Drive to  5th Street,  including South Pointe  Drive from Alton Road to Ocean Drive (3,924 ft);
  • Prairie Avenue from 34 Street to 44 Street (3,076 ft);
  • Royal Palm Avenue from 42 Street to 47 Street (4,532 ft);
  • 47 Street from Pine Tree Drive to Alton Road (4,688 ft);
  • Ocean Drive from 5 Street to South Pointe Drive (3,784 ft);
  • Dickens Avenue from 71 Street to 79 Street (4,646 ft); and
  • Byron Avenue from 82 Street to 87 Terrace (3,560 ft).

Protected Bicycle Lanes

The design of the Euclid Avenue protected bicycle lanes from 5th Street to 16 Street is at 60% completion. The protected bicycle lane is proposed to include modular separators to help separate on-street parking and bicycle lanes.

Demonstration Projects

Two demonstration projects are being initiated in the North Beach area to improve bicycle and pedestrian mobility. A temporary pedestrian plaza is being planned for Rue Vendome. Protected bicycle lanes are being planned for 72nd and 73rd Streets between Dickens Avenue and Collins Avenue. The demonstration projects are anticipated to be installed for 3-12 months.

Complete Streets

Two Complete Streets Feasibility Studies have been initiated for 63rd Street from Alton Road to Collins Avenue and for 23rd Street from Dade Blvd. to Collins Avenue. The studies are anticipated to be completed in October 2017.

Neighborhood Greenways

Six Neighborhood Greenways Feasibility Studies have been initiated in the North Beach area. Neighborhood Greenways are streets where cars are not excluded but bicycle and pedestrian travel for all ages and skill levels is given priority. This is done through lower vehicular traffic speeds and an enhanced bicycle and pedestrian experience. Target locations are:

  • Bay Drive between east and west intersections with 71 Street;
  • North Bay Road between LaGorce Island Bridge and 20 Street;
  • 85th Street between Hawthorne Avenue and Collins Avenue;
  • 81st Street between Hawthorne Avenue and Collins Avenue;
  • 77th Street between Hawthorne Avenue and Collins Avenue;
  • Tatum Waterway between 77th Street and 81st

Pedestrian Priority Zones (PPZs)

Two Feasibility Studies for PPZs have been initiated in the South Beach area. PPZs are areas where pedestrian focused design guidelines and standards apply on all streets, creating an integrated network of roadways and intermodal hubs that enhance safe pedestrian travel and movement.

Target PPZ locations are: South of 5th Street Neighborhood and the Flamingo Neighborhood/ Entertainment District.

Safe Routes to School

In 2016, the City was awarded FDOT funding for design and construction of Safe Routes to school elements. Selected schools are: Feinberg Fisher K-8 Center, North Beach Elementary School, Nautilus Middle School, and Biscayne Elementary School. The design plans for bicycle and pedestrian route improvements to these schools have been completed and accepted by FDOT. A community meeting was held April 25 at the Miami Beach Golf Club to update residents on the design elements.


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